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Northwest Trip

Between the ending of my internship and the beginning of school, I got to go home for a few days. I didn’t even mind not having a floor when I arrived home. The washer had flooded practically the whole downstairs, so all the flooring had to be ripped up, as seen below. But I still LOVE going home, especially in the summer.

We headed down the Oregon coast for a quick trip. There is an ocean down there, you just can’t see it because of the fog.


I got to go running on the beach, barefoot (just for you Jamie!). It was kind of cold, but worth it.

 I love jumping pictures. My mom and I had a lot of jumping pictures, but most of them didn’t turn out. 



My mom and I. It was pretty chilly the whole time we were down the coast, but it sure was fun!

My dad and I. He’s a great man.

Hmm… let me contemplate life in a tunnel…

We also went to the Tillamook Cheese factory, not once, but TWICE! We ate at the restaurant and the lady who took our order laughed at me when I asked for no cheese on my sandwich. HA. I might add they have delicious sorbet.

We also saw the WIENERMOBILE and of course pull over and take a photo of it!

It finally cleared up enough to see the ocean. I love this shot.

Before we got back to Washington, we stopped in Portland and went to Target where they have escalators for people and for carts! It was fun!

There are a lot more photos, but these are the ones that made the cut! Way to go photos! Thanks Dad for taking most of these! 


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