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Red Rock Relay

I got to participate in the Red Rock Relay with some awesome people. It was a great experience. The RRR is much more laid back than Ragnar and I didn’t feel as stressed out with it. And for some reason I recovered a lot faster than I did with Ragnar last year. Maybe it was because I got to run at great times (early afternoon, later evening, and early morning) and we had a house to go to between our legs. That’s the way to go. I actually got about three hours of sleep or so and just had a fun time. Van 1 was great and we all got along. Thanks for the fun memories We’re Not the Droids You Are Looking For!

Some funny quotes from the race:
“Are you the droid we are looking for?” “Yes, I am the droid you’re looking for!”
“Maybe I’ll buy a creeper van.” -Jamie
“Highway 18. Highway 18.” -GPS
“Do you love the sound of my voice?” -Sara

At the beginning of the race at Brian Head Resort. It was cold. Can you tell?

Joni and Sara rode up the chairlift. Sara rode back down, Joni got to run down the mountain.

 Jamie and Chewy!

 Oh beef jerky.

We did it! This picture reminds me of a family photo. Oh, and we started a trend because after we got taking our group shots, all the other teams went to the same spot for their group photos. Sweet!

  Van 1 was super fun! And I just have to say… one of these things is not like the other.

   Thank you Yoda for your wise words… we DID it!

It really is beautiful down there. I would run it again.


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