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Have a Nice Trip? See ya Next Fall!

I couldn’t help myself with that post title. It’s punny. This is one of my favorite times of the year.

I’ve made pumpkin bars and apple crisp. And I only have a photo of the apple crisp.

I went to a football game with Grandma Pat, Tyler, and Leslie. We lost. But it was still so fun to go with them. And say “It’s another Aggie… FIRST DOWN!”

We actually had a fall this year! Amazing. I got to go hang out with my seesters (and nephews) for Fall Break and it was fun! I bought some boots and we went to Gardner Village and looked at all the “tare me witches” and cute little shops. 
Dewey (not my nephew’s real name but it’s a funny nickname) didn’t come with us, but this was his church outfit on Sunday. He was a happy boy! And he looks a lot like his older brother when he was a baby. Isn’t he a doll?

It didn’t snow until November and I got to see all the leaves change colors and drop. I got to help rake leaves and took some fun photos. This is the carpet of leaves in the backyard. It was a pretty cool sight to see!
I love these colors! And it’s so fun to step on all the crunchy leaves. Fall is great.
 Oh, and Tony did a cool trick… watch below.

Leaf Jumping from Alli Brown on Vimeo.


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