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This happened a few days ago and I started writing about it, but I am behind in my posting, so here it is now, in all its glory.

I am swamped with assignments and work is super busy. I always feel more calm and can think better when I run. So, I went to the Fieldhouse to get all my frustrations and stress out of my system for a short three miler. I would go running outside, but it is usually dark by the time I can go running and my family doesn’t like it when I run outside in the dark. Imagine that. 

Anyway, I changed and headed up the stairs to where the treadmills are. Now, do you remember me mentioning how the Fieldhouse has creepy men that like to stare on my last blog? Well, they are still there, and I think there may be more than there used to be. When I got to the treadmill I planned on using, the place was pretty empty, I mean there were people there but there were plenty of machines not near me that were not in use. Do you know where my story is going? Where do these smelly, sweaty guys decide to run? If you guessed a couple of treadmills away, you would be wrong. 

I had to complete my run inhaling sweat smelling air and one of the guys had really bad breath on top of that. Not my favorite thing to do. But if it keeps snowing and is dark and cold, I will be going to the Fieldhouse more often.


2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. You will marry one of those exotic fragrances one day, just hopefully not one with chronic halitosis. Freak you blog a lot, care to pick up any of my blogging assignments 🙂 It will be like therapy for you and the only creepy old guy paying attention this time will be me!

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