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Snot Funny

This week started off on a rough note (succumbing to a head cold with a faucet for a nose), but there have been some bright points. Just read the list below.

  • I couldn’t fall asleep Sunday night.
  • I had weird dreams about fairy-tale characters and running out of time to do things.
  • I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat and headache.
  • I almost missed the bus Monday morning because it came so early. I also I had to stuff my breakfast bar in my mouth before I got on the bus. Do you know hard it is to chew a whole breakfast bar? It’s hard.
  • I couldn’t focus on anything at all this week.
  • I spilled my FULL water bottle all over my front side. 
  • Tuesday I woke up with aches and pains. I had a hard time getting out of bed.
  • The bus came later than usual which meant I got to stand outside in the cold weather (with a cold, stuffy nose, and headache) for a longer period of time.
  • I tend to feel better when I am outside and not inside.
  • I got done with a lot of my work for my jobs. 
  • This is a good week for me to be sick because it has been one of the lightest school weeks I have had this semester. 
  • I’ve been sniffing and sneezing all week.
  • Who knew that one person could hold so much snot? I blew my nose a lot this week.
  • I got to read Crossed by Ally Condie (the next book in the Matched trilogy).
  • My school work was very light this week (thank goodness).
  • I slept for 9 hours straight! That’s amazing for me.
  • I was huffing and puffing while walking up stairs (thank you plugged sinuses). 
  • I got a new calling in my ward and got my visiting teaching assignments. 
  • I downloaded Snow Leopard on my MacBook.
  • It’s only Thursday and I am exhausted, but looking forward to the weekend.
  • That’s a lot of “I’s” on that list… I need to change that.

As you can tell, this week has been eventful yet uneventful at the same time. Life is grand.


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