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Happy Birthday Tony!

Today is my brother’s birthday. 

Here are ten reasons why I love him (although there are MANY other reasons besides the ones listed below)…

  • He is witty.
  • He is funny and reminds me of Jim Halpert from The Office.
  • He comes and picks me up from campus almost every day.
  • He sleeps over on campus to get a good seat for Aggie basketball games. (Well, he did for the USU vs. BYU game).
  • He looks after me.
  • He loves his family (even if we bug him all the time).
  • He is a great uncle.
  • He has great one-liners and is very skilled with sport-type activities (see photo below).
  • He puts up with my endless questioning.
  • He is my little brother and will always be my little brother, even if he towers over me and looks like he’s my older brother. I will always love him no matter what.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! I hope your day is great, and it should be since Utah State beat BYU last night in the Spectrum! GO AGGIES!

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