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I’m Getting Old

Man, I am getting old. I have a hard time staying up past midnight now! And if I do stay up past midnight, I get sick or am grumpy. I spent the weekend hanging out with my younger cousins and brother. They have much more energy than I do. They are only a few years younger, and I did keep up with them, but I am utterly exhausted and I can’t shake this cold I came down with. 

Let’s start with Friday afternoon (11-11-11). I got done with my reading guide group thingy and met up with Emily and Caitlin to get bracelets for the BYU vs. USU basketball game that night. After we got our bracelets, we bought shirts that say “Y don’t U kiss my A.” 

Then we went to Rumbi for lunch. And following lunch we went to the mall. Caitlin, Emily, and I went in the Hurricane simulator, and came out feeling dizzy and sick to our stomachs. Such a weird feeling. Then we went back to Grandma Pat’s for a little bit before heading to the Spectrum to wait in line for the game! We waited for a little less than two hours in line, but it got cold and we started playing all sorts of games. The game was loud and crazy and Utah State came away with a win! WOO HOO! Below are some photos of the cemetery we walked through to get to the Spectrum.

We went to Fredrico’s for an after game snack and just had a grand ol’ time. Finally, I couldn’t take staying awake any longer so Tony and I went home. 

Saturday (11-12-11) was Tony’s birthday! It was a fun day. It snowed (not so fun) and Tony went to the football game in it. He sported a garbage bag poncho. 

Later on, we went shopping so Caitlin could buy the shoes she found at the mall on Friday. After the mall, we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for a cousin party for Tony’s birthday! It was fun and we made Tony get on the saddle. (I stole the photo from Caitlin since my camera died right when he saddled up).

After dinner, we went over to Grandma Pat’s for cake. Then Emily decided she really wanted to go to the Fun Park to play laser tag. Me, being old and exhausted, didn’t want to go, but luckily I did and I had a great time! Laser tag is really fun when you are play with people you know. I spent a lot of time laughing and screaming. We played boys versus girls. The guy told us not to run, but once you get in there, you can’t help but run. Tony ran into the wall pretty hard. After we played for ten minutes (in boots I might add), we were all tired and sweaty. (Again, I stole the photo from Caitlin).

It was a fun night. Oh yeah, Caitlin won 40 tickets playing Deal or No Deal and used them to get those neon friendship bracelets. We went to Snow Hall and talked for a while and then Tony and I went home. It was so fun to hang out with my cousins, but I am just getting old because I am always exhausted.

On Sunday (11-13-11) we went to church and then ate a great Sunday dinner. Tony and I headed down to Kaysville for a sibling birthday party. I am so grateful for having my siblings in Utah and it’s a good thing we just love each other. Overall, last weekend was busy, fun, and insane. And now it’s almost Thanksgiving! I cannot believe it. Crazy!


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