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Christmas Break

Here are some of the things I did over the break, in no particular order. It’s a long post.

  • Drove to Kaysville and then went to the airport to go to Washington.
  • Finally got to eat Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta at The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Went shopping. (My mom and I did  a lot of this.)
  • Slept!
  • Ate yummy food.
  • Went running a couple of times around Chambers Bay.
  • Listened to the rain at night. 
  • Had a great Christmas. 
  • Spoke in church.
  • Helped paint the tile backsplash of the kitchen.
  • Set-up a wireless printer.
  • Worked from home.
  • Cleaned the office.
  • Watched movies. 17 Miracles is a tear jerker, but it is a good one.
  • Read books (The Hunger Games series again, The Power of Six {I Am Number Four sequel}, City of Bones, and some other random books I found at the house).
  • Pretended that the forest near the house was where the first Hunger Games took place. (NERD ALERT!)
  • Did laundry.
  • Skyped with family.
  • Enjoyed the New Year.
  • Helped my mom with various projects.
  • Took naps.
  • Broke the same piñata for Christmas and for New Year’s in the backyard instead of the garage. It took Tony and I three rounds on Christmas Eve to break it and it took Tony three swings to break it on New Year’s Eve. I will post a video when I have a chance.
  • Had interesting dreams.
  • Enjoyed being away from real life for a while.
  • Took Photo Booth pictures.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season! Have a great 2012!

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