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Family Friday

Today has been a full day to say the least! Early morning homework, Religion in Life, a trip to Kaysville, and more homework. I didn’t sleep last night because I have a lot of homework to get done before midnight tonight and I still will have more to do on Saturday, but I took a few hours out of my day to visit my family down in Kaysville. I got to drive a car that has way more guts than my Gutless Wonder. The canyon just flew by since I the car didn’t slow down going up the hills. Amazing. It was kind of a jerky ride though since the pedals are much more sensitive than the Gutless Wonder.

We got to eat at Jason’s Deli. Delicious food and great company! I think everyone had enough soft serve ice cream to last them for a while, well, except for me since I cannot ingest dairy products without having stomach issues. I got to see my favorite two nephews and favorite two sisters. It was just a family filled day and it was great. I am exhausted though. I love how my nephew was holding his ice cream cone and he would lick it and say “it’s told” and then laugh. He’s a hoot.

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