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Stake Conference

This weekend was Stake Conference. Saturday night was wonderful as was today’s session. Besides having to sit on a hard folding chair and Tabernacle benches that hurt my back, it was magnificent. I love this gospel.

Saturday night highlights:

  • You can see, but not see. You can hear, but not hear. You need to listen and understand.
  • Praying is important and we need to talk with Heavenly Father.
  • Heavenly Father wants us to be happy.
  • Daily decisions make an impact in our lives.
  • We should wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say “I am a child of God and I am so cool.” (Sister Fisher)
  • It is our choice to be happy or miserable.
  • There is always a right time for everything.
  • Be humble to ask and receive help.

Sunday session highlights:

  • We need to desire to know something with all our heart. Desire. Believe. Act.
  • The Lord is the way and the light.
  • Strive for improvement, not for perfection.
  • Hunker down and do the work of the Lord.
  • Love and be loved.
  • Experiences mold our lives.
  • We need to slow down and live our lives.
  • Be doers of the word.
  • Have faith to do missionary work.
  • The Book of Mormon will change your life.

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