february feat / life / running


I miss running outside. But my family doesn’t like it when I go running at night by myself, so I have to go to the Fieldhouse and run on the treadmill. How is it possible to smack your gum so loudly and pop bubbles while you are on the treadmill so that people around you can hear you with headphones on?

I don’t like being annoyed when I run (one of my biggest pet peeves would have to be people smacking their gum). I go running to relieve stress and stay sane. Hence why I miss running outside – there are very few people around me to smack their gum. And it’s fun to run new routes around Logan. The positive side to treadmill running is that I can see how fast I am going and how much longer I have to go.

Tonight was a good run, once the gum smacker left.


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