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Today has been quite productive for me. Here’s what I’ve done so far today:

  • woke up (always a good thing)
  • talked with one of my brother-in-laws (he’s a great man – okay they are both great men)
  • cleaned my bathroom (if you clean it every week, it never gets super messy – thank you Grandma S!)
  • separated my clothes for two loads of laundry (it’s nice doing laundry on Fridays)
  • talked with my mother for a little bit (she’s a great woman)
  • got ready (showered, brushed teeth, pulled my hair into a bun, etc…)
  • ate a nice bowl of Cinnamon Life (it really is the best cereal)
  • started putting away laundry from last week (my life is pretty hectic and I forget to put away my clothes sometimes)
  • mailed a form for state taxes (I will actually get a tax return this year)
  • went to Religion in Life at the Institute (it’s a once a week speaker that is amazing)
  • got the oil changed in the Gutless Wonder (spend more money at Wal-Mart than I planned)
  • cleaned out the pantry (it looks pretty good if I may say so)
  • vacuumed the main floor (and dusted)
  • took the recycling out (go green!)
  • started my separate loads of laundry (and now one load is drying)
  • got a package in the mail (I have to wait ten days to open it for my birthday)
  • soon I will be working on projects for my classes (but as you can see I am procrastinating working on homework and am doing housework instead)

Woo hoo! I still have a lot of hours to do more stuff, but that’s been my day so far.


4 thoughts on “Productivity?

  1. Congrats on the tax return! Those were the days. Hey my Alli girl………….does Beaver have any good snow right now. To bring skiis or not????? That is the question.

    Love Dad

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