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Conference Weekend

As my last post mentioned, I started working for Instructure. So, I got to go down to Sandy for training on Thursday and Friday. And Michelle, my co-worker, and I went to IKEA and bought chocolate.

Since I was down south, I ended up staying in Kaysville for LDS General Conference. My dad also flew to Utah to spend the weekend with us (the sisters, the brother was in Logan). I met up with my sisters, nephews, and dad in Salt Lake and we went to City Creek.

Saturday I got up and went on a short run and then watched conference. We went to In-N-Out for a quick bite to eat. Then we watched the afternoon session. It was a beautiful day outside. I absolutely love conference and hearing what our leaders have to say.

Saturday night was spent keeping little boys happy. And we met up with the men after the Priesthood session at Cafe Rio for dinner. It was a madhouse. I felt very out of place being one of the few women in Cafe Rio that night.

On Sunday, Pa had to go back to Washington and I had to wait for my brother to come pick up to go back to Logan. It was another great conference weekend.

Here are some photos…

Thanks Pa, for the wrestling photo.

Such a cute little man.

Of course the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a wheelbarrow ride! Oh to be little again!


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