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Saturday Run

Today I went on a little over 9 miles run to get ready for the half marathon in two weeks. I just have to add four more miles to the run. No problem (haha). Here are some fun things I saw:

  • A duck in the middle of the road. A guy in a car had to get out in order to make the duck move. It was pretty funny.
  • A lady walking her dog (I don’t like running by dogs because they tend to chase me and/or attempt to snap at me) and the dog tried to snap at me. My heart rate shot way up!
  • Lots of people at First Dam.
  • Bees, beetles, potato bugs. Oh and flies and ants.
  • Nice people in cars that give runners plenty of space when the shoulder is non-existent.
  • I got a lot of looks and stares.
  • Other runners. I almost caught one ahead of me (it must be my relay race running mindset trying to pass people) but alas, she went straight when I turned the corner.
  • The temple, Utah State University, the Island, First Dam, Adams Elementary, and 10th north, the canal, dirt, grass, trees, clouds, etc…
  • People mowing the lawn.

It was a nice, leisurely run. We will see how to feel later today and tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Run

  1. Greg Webb just ran the Boston Marathon last Monday in 88 degree weather with humidity, and lived ! He shared his story of survival with us yesterday. Good luck my Alli in your race!

    Love Dad

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