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Color 5k, Mud, and Barefoot Running

I have been able to do some fun runs in the last few days. On Saturday I was able to run the Color for Tessa 5k at the American West Heritage Center with my old roommates, Jenna and Tawni. It was so great to see them and to see their little kids.

The course was a little muddy, so I had a nice layer of mud on the bottom of my shoes for the majority of the run that threw off my stride. It was a for a good cause and I enjoyed doing the 5k. On the course, there was one spot on the course when we got color thrown on us. At the end of the race, we got our own color packets to throw. It was pretty cool. Below are the before and after photos.

The other day I just needed to go running (even though I have a half marathon on Saturday and I’ve had some muscle issues) and it was great. I went on a quick run and did some barefoot running in the grass. Oh, I have missed barefoot running. Just as I was finishing my barefoot run in the grass, the sprinklers decided to come on. I only got a little bit drenched. I will probably go for a short run before Saturday and then see what happens on Saturday. It should be fun!

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