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Provo City Half Marathon

I did my very first half marathon today. The most miles I’ve ever done at one time was 9. Now it’s 13.1. Woo hoo! Jamie talked me into doing this race with Sara and Kira. It wasn’t that bad. I kind of liked it (although my left leg begs to differ…) and I really liked running with Jamie again. We all had matching shirts that were extremely easy to pick out of a crowd. I finished my first half marathon in two hours and fifteen minutes. I can cross off a goal I have for this year! (And for the record, I can cross off the internship goal as well.)

Here are some photos from the race… It was really cold in Provo Canyon early in the morning, luckily there was a nice lady that lent us a space blanket. It was great to have matching orange shirts and the blue medals looked real pretty with our shirts. It was a great race! (You can click on the thumbnails to make the photos bigger.)


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