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Social Life

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUNT SUE (yesterday)! It was a fun day PLUS we got to watch a solar eclipse. Awesome.

This weekend has been the most social I have been in a long time… on Friday I went with Sue to a piano recital. That was fun. After that we went to Dancing with the Student Stars to watch one of her teachers perform (it’s basically Dancing with the Stars but with ballroom dancers from USU and teachers or principals from Logan City School District). Ellis Elementary won (my aunt’s school)! Way to go! Ellis had the biggest and loudest cheering section and the most ticket sales, therefore won the prize. Pretty neat.

On Saturday, I cleaned my desk area in my room so I can be more efficient. I wish I had before and after photos. It’s pretty clean now. I did laundry and cleaned some more. Sue and I tried to cook out, but the propane went out on the grill, so we had to finish dinner in the oven. Marinated chicken and potatoes. Yum. After dinner, I went on my very first tandem bike ride with a friend. We went all over Logan. I finally tried Zeppe’s Italian Ice (it’s delicious by the way) and the best part it’s dairy-free! Yipee!

On Sunday, we had a small gathering with Sue for her birthday (see beginning of the post). We also had a wonderful lunch with the grandparents and a two hour nap. I called an old friend and we had a great chat. It was a fantastic Sunday.

Tonight I went to my first stake activity for the year. I found some old friends from old wards that are in new wards now but we are all in the same stake. Small world, eh? It was great catching up with them and finding out what’s been going on with them for the past few years. It was a mini reunion of sorts. Now I have to work up more courage to go to another activity. Oh the joys of balancing everything going on in my life. Sorry for the lack of photos.


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