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Three Years Old

Today is my nephew’s third birthday. I remember him being born and we were completely smitten with him (just as we are with every little baby that comes into this family). He is silly, sweet, crazy, funny, happy, helpful, kind, fearless, and not so shy. He comes up with the best one-liners and he is smart.

My Grandma has a blue, cushioned toilet seat. When he was in the bathroom, he told his mom, “this potty is kinda like a pillow!” and when he noticed the tub was blue as well, he said, “the tub is blue. That’s so silly.” Some of my favorites: “How ’bout two of dems?” “Sorry ’bout that dies.” “Oh dear!” “Hmm… kinda like…” “I dough to Washington an fro rocks in the waddah.” “Come on in, it feels great.” He can repeat lines from movies and can mimic voices just like his mom (my sister is a whiz at mimicking voices). He is a great little guy!

Happy Birthday Par! You are growing up fast!

One thought on “Three Years Old

  1. “Do you have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Incredibles”? Love that Parley! That picture of Parley on the rock was taken at City Creek. If he had his way, all of those small rocks that landscape the creek would be in the creek, not by it!

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