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Life Lately

My life lately… according to photos. (I’m planning on another post about the Red Rock Relay, don’t you fret.)

I moved to West Jordan. I had lots of help moving down and I fit everything in Grandpa’s truck and my car. Not too shabby.20120828-112402.jpg

I made homemade oreos. They were delicious.20120828-112421.jpg

I got to see Wicked with my family. It was FABULOUS! Toss toss!20120828-112435.jpg

I attended President Monson’s birthday party. 20120828-112446.jpg

And sat really close to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I also got to see the First Presidency up close. 20120828-112457.jpg

I purchased The Hunger Games DVD.20120828-112508.jpg

I finally bought a pair of Chaco sandals.20120828-112517.jpg

I have been able to hang out with the Nielsons.20120828-112529.jpg

I’ve been to Salt Lake a few times and I love going to Temple Square.20120828-112543.jpg

I found a new snack. So what if it sounds like I’m saying Velveeta instead of Belvita?20120911-193958.jpg

There was a CRAZY storm that I absolutely loved. It rained, hailed, and was windy. It reminded me of Washington.20120911-194032.jpg

I spent Labor Day canning peaches. We only lost one jar. Thirty four out of thirty five jars isn’t half bad.20120911-194113.jpg

The Brigham City Temple Open House was AMAZING. I love the temple and the gospel.20120911-194128.jpg

I got to watch my Dewart friend while his parents went on an adventure to Washington DC.


And I got to watch his trouble-making older brother.20120911-194333.jpg

I think I have an addiction to word games…

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