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Fall is one of my favorite seasons.


I get so excited when I get letters, especially when they are from my brother.


This little girl is adorable and I just love her (and her mom).20121107-133823.jpg

Pumpkin patches are fun. Getting weird briars stuck on the bottom of your shoes, not so fun.


Dewart and his little pumpkin.


Blue Lemon after General Conference. Delicious.20121107-133904.jpg

Sunrise after taking my dad to the airport.


I just like this sign.


Gardner Village with my sisters, nephews, and niece. It was a beautiful day.20121107-133943.jpg

Pumpkin Bars. One of my favorite fall treats.20121107-133954.jpg

Snow in the fall? Not my favorite. This was Sally’s first snow and she didn’t enjoy it very much.


Again, I get excited when I get mail! Especially fun Halloween stickers!20121107-134015.jpg

My glow in the dark jack-o-lantern sweatshirt for Halloween. One of four costumes I wore this year. (I was a waitress, a pirate, and a skeleton).


Happy Fall!

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