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Life Lately

Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to… beware, it’s a pretty extensive list with photos.

  • Went to the temple. The Jordan River Temple to be exact.


  • Got sick after trying not to.
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving in Logan.
  • Got really good gas mileage going to Logan.


  • Went running outside and enjoyed every minute of it.


  • Said Happy Birthday to my grandpa and sister on the SAME DAY.
  • Baked and consumed one of the best batches of orange rolls.


  • FaceTime with the parentals.
  • Day after Thanksgiving breakfast.
  • Black Friday shopping. Two words. Coupon Lady.
  • Almost bought a new computer, but didn’t.
  • Got some new shirts.
  • Christmas decorating!
  • Bought new jeans.
  • Purchased a new pair of black Chucks (finally… my old ones have holes and are very stinky).


  • Finished my online portfolio.
  • Turned in graduation paperwork and paid the fee. (I won’t get hooded or walk until May.)
  • Worked a lot of hours at my job.
  • Almost am done with school!
  • Babysat the cutest niece and nephews ever. My niece and one of my nephews. The three-year old didn’t want to stay still.


  • Went on a few dates.
  • Saw Brian Regan in Logan.
  • Decorated trees for Christmas.



  • Did some design projects.
  • Been listening to NSYNC’s Home For Christmas album on repeat.
  • Had my brother leave for Budapest.
  • Have had 35+ tabs open at work – one day. I think I may have a problem with opening too many tabs.
  • Laughed a lot. Thought a lot. Wrote a lot. Ate some.
  • Got my hair done. It’s melting! (if you don’t know what a melt is, it’s when you have a darker color at the roots and a lighter color on the ends and it looks natural)


  • Had a company lunch from Jimmy John’s and found this gem when I turned the box over…


That’s some of the things that have been happening to me lately. Only a couple more weeks until I am a master! I will walk and get hooded in May. It’s so exciting!

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